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Infrared Heated Body Wraps

Infrared Body Wrap is a rapid detox where you can burn up to 1200 calories* in one session.

A safe, fast and highly effective way to target fat and centimeter loss, improve the appearance of cellulite and skin tone, muscle definition, arthritic conditions, pain management, helps remove toxins and much more. Proven results, FDA cleared and TGA approved.

FORMOSTAR - FAR Infrared Body Wrap
Manufactured in Gemany since 1983, Formostar has provided over 5 million treatments worldwide with weight loss, detoxification, pain relief and wellbeing results.

Pricing & Packages

Infrared Heated Body Wraps

A relaxing treatment for weight loss and pain management.

Using controlled, adjustable heated panels around different zones of the trunk, abdomen, hips, thighs, arms and/or calves to significantly increase metabolism.

It's great for helping to diminish the appearance of cellulite and there is never a need to disrobe… it wraps right over your clothing!

Other benefits include detox, pain management and cellulite reduction.

It's an Amazing for treating arthritis pain.

Formostar is unique.
FAR Infrared energy is transferred to the body using non-allergenic silicone wraps, fastened with coloured velcro.

This energy, which we feel as heat, is in the same waveband as the energy that our body receives naturally from the sun.

Formostar uses infrared energy in a controlled manner to therapeutically target specific areas of the body.

It provides a fast and effective way of enhancing wellbeing and accelerating weight loss through increased metabolism.

Weight Loss

Formostar stimulates the body's natural metabolic processes using deep penetrating heat to reach areas where fat is normally stored.

Its effect is similar to an intensive workout, without the pain or fatigue.

Up to 1200 calories can be burnt in one session.


The heating process releases toxins into the bloodstream and the sweat glands to help clean out the body and provide smoother skin and a greater feeling of wellbeing.

Pain Relief
Heat is widely recognised as providing relief for pain sufferers. Formostar has had considerable success in helping with arthritis, back pain and joint mobility problems.


The Formostar FAR Infrared Body Wrap is clinically proven to provide weight reduction and improvements in joint mobility.

Here's what two Formostar clients have to say...

After 14 Formostar sessions I have lost 10.8 kilos, over 50cms and have gone from a size 16 to a size 12.

The more sessions I had the more my energy levels increased which motivated me to exercise and improve my eating habits.

- Mrs B, Queensland

With a debilitating arthritic condition in my chest and spine, I couldn't exercise without severe pain and breathing difficulties.

From my first Formostar treatment I experienced an improvement in pain and energy levels - to experience some weight loss has been on added advantage.

My energy levels have improved considerably and my pain levels are now minimal.

- Deb W, South Australia


Before commencing a Formostar session you must sign a Medical Questionnaire. The Formostar is not intended to replace diet or exercise.

The clinical study indicated that weight results were accelerated for people that dieted and exercised.

Clinical Study, commissioned by Formostar Germany, for the effectiveness of the Formostar in depth thermal treatment for weight (and size loss) and degenerative joint and spinal column illnesses.

Doctor A. Medina and Doctor K. Radtke, Eppendorf University, Hamburg.


  • 60 minute session $80
  • 5 sessions $400
  • 10 sessions $700

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