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Endermologie Treatments

Lipomassage and Endermolift therapies (for Body and Face)

Endermologie is a unique, noninvasive way of shaping your body using body sculpting that enhances cellulite reduction and improves overall skin fitness.

In its original form, Endermologie was used to rehabilitate scars, burns and damaged muscular tissue when a surprising side-affect was discovered – the reduction of cellulite and significant inch loss from the body.

How Endermologie works



Haluronic Acid

Fat Release


Endermologie treatment heads have two motorized rollers and a suction chamber between with adjustable vacuum - this gently lifts and rolls the skin stimulating the venous and lymphatic systems eliminating toxins. Fibroblasts are stimulated to increase collagen and elastin production generating a healthier rejuvenated skin tone.

More information on how Endermologie works
How Endermologie Works

Top end cellulite reduction, body contouring and anti-aging treatments

We use the patented LPG cellulite reduction and body slimming treatments

See the amazing results below!

Facial Endermologie

Treatment Options
  • Single Treatment $99
  • 5 Treatments $400 (Save $95)
  • 10 Treatments $700 (Save $290)

Lipomassage - Endermologie Body Treatment

Patented slimming technique reactivates the fat release process (lipolysis) to erase localized fat and imperfections.

The Roll's mechanical stimulation triggers deep biological responses: reactivation of fat release and collagen and elastine production.

  • Release localised fat deposits that are resistant to diet and physical exercise
  • Resculp contours
  • Smooth cellulite
  • Firm body contours

45 minutes
*Allow 60 minutes for your first consultation.

  • Full body treatment for cellulite and body shaping
  • Complimentary Consultation with first treatment only.
  • Your own personal body stocking $40 to be used for the duration of your treatments and maintenance treatments to help our machine glide smoothly over your body.
    Only needed for Body treatments.

Lipomassage Results

Prices vary depending on your needs. Package deals available please enquire.


Endermolift - Endermologie Face Treatment

For a noninvasive, surgery free firm and lift effect with natural increased production of Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid for face, neck and chest (decolletage).

The only technology that creates hyaluronic acid for a long lasting result

  • Redensify the skin
  • Replenish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Firm facial contours
  • Clarify the complexion

Our treatments provide the "wow" factor for the NEW YOU to help you both look and feel great.

Endermolift Results

Endermolift Treatment
Endermolift Treatment


Medical: scar reduction, pre/post liposuction, muscle tension, pain management, lymphoedema

Sport: warm up + recovery, ideal for those who are training or getting back to a healthy lifestyle

Scar tissue results before & after Endermologie treatments

Current Specials!

  • Free Consultations
  • $69 for your first session
  • Package Deals available tailored to your needs.


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